If you want dependable bathtub surface refinishing services for your house in Palo Alto you can turn to the professional technicians at NuFinishPro. Homeowners in the Palo Alto area can save money and time having their bathtub refinished instead of substituting it. Save money and time as a homeowner by having your bathtub refinished instead of substituting it. Bathroom renovations can potentially increase the market value of your house. However, these services can be very expensive. With NuFinishPro’s bathtub surface refinishing services, we can make a bathroom look brand new in a shorter time span and at a much lower price.

The trained technicians at NuFinishPro are equipped to perform great resurfacing services that will last for a long time. Over the years, we’ve restored all kinds of tiled areas, no matter the condition. You can trust our expertise to ameliorate your bathtub and make it look great. The insightful staff at NuFinishPro of San Jose is dedicated to providing our customers the best in bathtub surface refinishing services.

Quality Bathtub Surface Refinishing Services

Our bathtub surface refinishing contractors have the skill to accomplish various services that will make your bathroom look more modern. Occasional refinishing and repair services are indispensable for property owners because of how bathrooms are a highly transited area of a house. Over time your bathtub may exhibit chipped tile, discolored tub pans or worn out drains, pressure valves or spouts. It’s important to keep up with consistent maintenance to ensure that everything stays in good condition for many years. Although, an aged house may worsen to the point that it necessitates thorough tub surface refinishing project. The following are some of the services our craftsman can provide Palo Alto customers:

  • Re-glaze tub
  • Repair tiled surfaces
  • Resurface fiberglass bathtub pan
  • Restoring bathtub
  • Fix and touch up tub enclosure
  • Chemically clean bathtub
  • Patch up plumber cut-outs made to walls
  • Add drain liners to tub
  • Apply non-skid floors
  • Use eco-friendly construction strategies

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NuFinishPro of San Jose has served property owners in Palo Alto with over 31 years with detailed bathtub surface refinishing services. We have a crew of seasoned technicians who are well-equipped to offer you the best in total bathtub refinishing services. Regardless of the area you want to restore, repair or refinish, our technicians have the capacity to make it a reality with precision and care. For systematic and orderly bathtub refinishing services at your Palo Alto house, call our accomplished staff at (408) 669-0358 to request a free estimate.

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